master of international business


The Master of International Business program at UIC provides a high-quality graduate degree program to those students already holding an undergraduate degree who aspire to become successful managers and leaders in the global economy. This is accomplished through developing their general knowledge and abilities, educating them in the broad scope of business administration, and providing them with the possibility of in-depth knowledge in one area of specialization.

Through the Master of International Business program, students will be able to:

  • Apply responsible business practices and ethics principles to inform decision-making,
  • Develop the skills required to excel as business executives, such as the ability to quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of information and the ability to develop smart solutions to business problems,
  • Apply business principles to solve structured and unstructured problems to strengthen strategic positioning in the global economy,
  • Inspire and motivate people and command respect,
  • Run their own business,
  • Lead and climb the corporate ladder,
  • Deliver professional quality communications that demonstrate appropriate audience awareness.

Admission Process

Admission to this Master of International Business program is strictly, but not limited to students who have completed their bachelor’s degree, License in International Commerce, or Management and economics degree. It may also include some other similar specialization with a conditional approval of an academic committee.

Applicants will have to take a written as well as an oral test before a scholarly commission responsible for assessing their eligibility and motivation to be part of the program.



Employment Opportunities

The UIC Master of International Business is designed for those who are seeking careers of atypical business degree, such as:

  • Sales associate,
  • Financial analyst , or accountant.
  • Human resources manager
  • Financial director
  • Sales manager


Financial support

UIC provides financial support to help students to partly cover their tuition fees. The eligibility to benefit from this financial support depend on social conditions as well as academic excellence.
Students intersted in this financial support should contact UIC admissions departement .

How to apply ?

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